वोटतंत्र पर आपका स्वागत है



What does votetantra do?


  • With its in-depth political proficiency and grassroots understanding, votetantra designs and executes innovative public outreach and engagement campaigns using both conventional and new age methods. Its robust, often disruptive election campaigns are grounded in hard data and they regularly employ analytics as one of the inputs in electoral decision making
  • votetantra ​​’s 360 degree election campaign management is structured along the following Domains:

                            o    Field operations (grassroots awareness & mass mobilization, on-ground intelligence and response)

                            o    Research, Data & Analytics

                            o    Digital & Social Media

                            o    Outdoor Publicity

                            o    Media & External communications


Who is votetantra looking for?


  • votetantra is looking to hire young professionals from diverse academic backgrounds with a passion for socio-political issues
  • Roles will pan across Field Operations; Research, Data & Analytics; Digital & Social Media; Outdoor Publicity; and Media & External Communications. While votetantra values and takes into consideration the applicant’s expertise and experience in specific areas, it’s looking for individuals who are adaptable (preferably with transferrable skills) to taking up new roles and challenges
  • votetantra is looking for someone who is energized by an entrepreneurial environment which means that they are not afraid to do things themselves or to get things done. They must take initiative and follow-through on commitments to achieve results
  • They must be open to working long hours, sometimes all days of the week especially during campaigns; and flexible to move across multiple geographies, teams, domains, and roles as per the needs of the project and the organization
  • They must be self-motivated individuals who thrive in ambiguous and uncertain situations and are willing to experiment and focus on learnings
  • They must enjoy working with people from all spheres of society and especially with those at the grassroots and be comfortable with working in teams – large and small


Educational Background & Work Experience


  • A Bachelor or a Master’s degree (preferably from a reputed institution)
  • While not a mandatory criteria, work experience of 1-5 years is desirable
  • Basic computer literacy and familiarity with Microsoft Office. Knowledge of specialized tools such as SAS, Excel-Macros, STATA, etc. is a plus
  • Must be fluent in at least one Indian Language. Knowledge of English is desirable


Evaluation Process


  • Round 1: Resume Shortlisting
  • Round 2: Telephonic Interview
  • Round 3: Case-Study Submission
  • Round 4: In- person/Skype interview




  • All votetantra  team members are given a fixed subsistence allowance. On top of this, accommodation and travel is taken care of


Email - votetantraonline@gmail.com